What is Bulwark and How It Aims to Succeed Other Masternode Based Cryptocurrencies

Mining for cryptocurrencies required tons of new hardware and resulted in exorbitant electricity bills. But with the introduction of the proof of stake protocol and masternodes, everyone and anyone can become a miner. Using this as a base to build ahead is Bulwark’s goal. Here’s more info on how they are doing it.

What is Bulwark?

Bulwark is a privacy-focused digital currency. While it was the idea of a masternode that brought it to my attention first, their community consensus and focus on developing hardware rather than just software has made me realize Bulwark is more than a short-term, profit-making investment.

The below-mentioned 3 upgrades are what going to help Bulwark compete with the big guns in the market.

A Secure Home Node

The main of the home node is to make setting up masternodes on your home network easy peasy. With a stable internet connection and power outlet, you can host a masternode within minutes. But first, make sure you have the $100 worth of BWK tokens to purchase the hardware and then the 5000 BWK tokens needed as collateral.

The Hardware Wallet

Concerns have been raised about most hardware wallets being closed source as it means there’s a lot of dependency on a particular company. But Bulwark wants to bring about a change with its open source hardware wallet. And with it, they also want to hand over the power to edit or update it to the community.

Home Router

Here’s the all-in-one package every investor needs. It comes with the Home Node, the Standalone Router and also the staking box. The traffic is passed through the TOR or the I2P networks. This means you reap the benefits of the home node, wallet etc. without worrying about privacy.

How to become a part Bulwark?

Get the Home Node

Bulwark announced the launch of the Home Node in May 2018. It’s a turn-key solution that enables you to easily setup masternodes from your home network considering you have a power outlet and an internet connection.

Available for just $100 worth of BWK tokens, it is worth every penny and since it is an open source product, it allows community members to develop anything for it.

Work with Bulwark

If you’re a hardcore developer looking for an exciting project to work on, Bulwark’s just the place to be. You can also develop apps that make use of the Bulwark infrastructure or look to get into their marketing team.

And if you’re a blogger or have a YouTube channel with tons of subscribers, a featured video and article is the easiest way to spread the word out.

Stake BWK Tokens

The proof of stake system and revolutionized the mining system. You no longer need the high-end systems and neither need to pay high electricity bills for running those systems. Staking the tokens, you’ve already got can be done via any private wallet on your home network and you get rewarded with more tokens just like any miner.


A masternode for Bulwark right now costs around $4000 which is a bargain as during the bull the same node was priced at $80,000. So now seems like the right time to invest rather than sell but make sure you only put in the money you are willing to lose. Remember, the market is full risks and there are no guarantees.

Source Article: Privacy is the Future of CryptoCurrencies — is this the next Best Privacy Focused POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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