Formosa Financial Announces Partnership with Chainfuel

The team here at Formosa Financial is excited to announce a partnership with CHAINFUEL this week!

“ Founded in 2017, Chainfuel offers 24/7 community management services for crypto and blockchain projects. Their services include design, implementation, and delivery of community engagement strategies, community staffing, and branding” -Matt Nguyen, Co-founder CHAINFUEL

For Formosa Financial, the team at CHAINFUEL will help us build our social media management platforms, including automated FAQ integrations into our website and communities. With the experience their core team brings we are confident that our communities will be in good hands.

“I started my career at Google as a community manager so have first hand knowledge of the importance of creating real conversations and engagement with project supporters. The Chainfuel team has developed a rock solid methodology and suite of tools that will help Formosa Financial take our community to the next level” -Ryan Terribilini, Co-Founder CEO, Formosa Financial

For CHAINFUEL, Formosa Financial provides a package of treasury management services that they can recommend to blockchain clients in need of custodial, brokerage or risk management tools. CHAINFUEL’s client introductions will also be an integral part of building our whitelist of clients to test the private-beta of FF’s services.

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