CEO of Emotiq announced the launch of a better version of the Blockchain

On March 2nd, 2018 the private Token Generation Event (TGE) was launched. It was announced that a team consisting of experienced developers committed to the cause of finding solutions to the unresolved challenges of the blockchain and so, have been working rigorously for making Emotiq a possibility.

Emotiq is a powerful, futuristic blockchain system with strong consistency, tremendous scalability, fast throughput, confidential transactions, and also consisting of a natural smart contract language.

The blockchain platforms currently available like BTC, ETH, etc. do not possess the necessary speed magnitudes required to keep up with transaction throughput of centralized solutions like VISA, Mastercard, etc. Emotiq seeks to address these shortcomings of current Blockchain platforms as it incorporates the most recent distributed systems research with an ingenious approach to smart contracts, to tackle the current unresolved challenges of blockchain scalability, usability, and privacy.

Emotiq’s CEO, Joel Reymont also said “We believe that a solid blockchain foundation hasn’t been launched”, while further adding “With natural language smart contacts, privacy and state-of-the-art scalability, Emotiq intends on becoming that foundation.”

Blockchain definitely provides an ideal solution for improving our daily routine like how we live, interact, work and also provides a solution for doing business with efficiency and transparency. However, to realize its potential, the blockchain needs to be stronger, better and more scalable.

Joel Reymont Emotiq’s CEO also revealed that Emotiq would provide a plain English smart contract language called “Ring”. The aim of keeping this smart contract simple is to educate even non-programmers to create and understand smart contracts through a natural layer. He also revealed that ‘Zork’, a classic interactive fiction computer game is the inspiration behind “Ring”

Joel also stated, “So far, the blockchain hasn’t clearly been explained to the non-programmers, those who will benefit the most from using it”.

The CEO of Emotiq also added, “With Emotiq, we’ve come up with a blockchain that not only is scalable, private, and fit for the enterprise, but also with plain simple contracts, one which can be utilized in the mass market as well ”.

The headquarters of Emotiq in Switzerland and it is being developed by a team of veteran developers, scattered all around the globe, with one common goal of delivering a scalable and private blockchain to the market.

A test net will be launched by Emotiq on May 15th. One can access Emotiq’s position paper and entire website at – it was announced that a technical paper will be made available April 15th. Also, it was revealed that a public TGE will commence prior to the private TGE.

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