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Binance Coin (BNB) experiences a sudden 25{0ac728dcd10a1f0848214f193583cf4c3e1220f6f1fb6dafa5951ff14c482376} growth overnight

The News revealing Binance’s plan for a public exchange has seen the Binance coin (BNB) value to rise to over $10 during the last 24 hours.

On a day where almost the entire cryptocurrency market saw a drop in price Binance saw a tremendous market price increase for its tokens, In just a fortnight it saw a 25{0ac728dcd10a1f0848214f193583cf4c3e1220f6f1fb6dafa5951ff14c482376} market growth as it peaked a high of $10.21 during the 24 hour period. This growth was due to the announcement made by Binance that it would be developing a new Blockchain and also would be transferring all its BNB assets from the current Ethereum platform.

For the first time after the dramatic January price drop, BNB seems to be regaining its growing status as trading volumes for its tokens have spide over $250 million. Also comparing the growth prior to the announcement and after, trading volumes on Binance grew approximately by $300 million in just one day, amounting to a total of  $1.6 billion.

Developing a  public blockchain would mean that the asset and network of BNB would be controlled by the public community. It was also stated that the project’s logo also would be a joint community effort:

Momentarily no details have been given regarding the time period for the network launch nor the rules of its new blockchain –  no hashing or staking work revealed and neither have details for the number of coins, nodes, etc been given out. It is arguably almost certain that if a date for this launch is given, or another method of transferring coins is stated, the price of BNB will get a huge advantage from it.

Bugs in Binance iOS App?

It is notable that not everything seems to be going their way, as iOS users have reported some issues with the Binance App on AppStore and so far none of these glitches have been addressed. Users seem to have found a temporary solution in reinstalling the app, as no frauds have been reported so far.

Odds shifting in favour of Binance?

Usually, trading on Binance sees coins coming all the way up. As of now, it has been noticed that the most actively traded coin is Binance (BNB), and it has also been pumped to higher levels. Also, its price doesn’t often grow based on pure speculation, thus this activity BNB digital currency has been receiving is quite rare.

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